July 29, 2011

OMG! We Did It!

Well, the DH & I did something *almost* spontaneous last night. We bought a new car. Well, not exactly new, but new to us. Wednesday night we went to Carmax just to look around. DH has been wanting a new car for awhile, but we kept putting it off. He test drove a couple of cars, a Mazda RX-8 and a Z. We both fell in love with the RX-8. And it's my favorite color, too. lol

So, we ran the numbers & were told we could be financed at 10% interest (as apposed to the 25% interest we were currently paying on the Kia we bought a couple of years ago). We were completely surprised and decided to go home & think about it. And last night we went back, the car was still there, so we bought it!

I'm so excited. DH gets the car he wanted & I get to drive it. We still only have one car so I'll still be driving it everywhere, but it's really his. I'll get a new one later on when we can save some money. But until then...vroom, vroom!!

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