February 17, 2011

I Am A Romance Writer

It’s not uncommon for me to climb into bed at night with my husband while thoughts of another man still linger in my head. But it’s not an issue between us. He understands that my heart sometimes belongs to someone else. He has even been known to ask me “Who was it today?” to which I smile and whisper “Talon” as I drift off to sleep.

I am a writer of Historical Romance. I fill my life with Medieval Knights, Scottish Highlanders, English Lords, and Civil War Soldiers. I see myself in every lady fair and I fall in love with every handsome prince. I sigh at every first kiss. My heart beats faster at every gentle touch and breaks each time it looks as if all is lost. And each time happiness reigns I know love conquers all, in life as in fiction.

When someone asks me what I do I tell them, “I am a Romance Writer.” And they often smile and give me that look that says, “Oh, you’re not a real writer.”

But the way I see it, I use the same words as Faulkner, Shakespeare or any winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. I simply string them together so that my characters fall in love and live happily ever after.

I don’t consider myself any different than any other writer in any other genre, whether Romance, Mystery, Women’s Fiction or any on Oprah’s Book List. I sit myself down, work on character and plot, agonize over each word and pray that what I wanted to say shows in each sentence.

And when someone tells me that what I wrote gave them pleasure I know without a doubt that I am proud to be a Romance Writer.

February 08, 2011

Plans Change

I've been feeling a little down lately. It's 2011 and I had such high hopes for this year. So far everything has changed.

I had planned our family reunion to be in May, but had to change it to September because HNM is having her baby in June and & she can't travel that far at that stage.

I had planned to go to RWA Nationals in New York City, but again HNM is having her baby in June and I can't leave her that soon after she had it. Besides, the money would be way too much for me to come up with at this late date.

I had planned to go to my local RWA Writer's Group yearly Retreat in March, but KAM and the kids are coming home that weekend so I can't leave them alone at home when they first get back. I haven't seen them since November so I want to be there when they get home.

It just seems like everything I've planned for this year is being put on hold and that's not a good thing since 2010 was such a crappy year. I was so hoping this year would be better. But then again. The things that I'm putting everything on hold for will be great. So, guess I should just buck up and enjoy myself. I'm gonna have babies in the house again!