May 17, 2011

NEW RELEASE! The Beta by Annie Nicholas

As the pack’s Beta, Robert needs to watch over the Vasi werewolf pack for a few days. He hates the responsibility, but his job is to dissolve any problems while his alpha honeymoons.

Nevertheless, trouble comes to town and her name is Esther. She's beguiling, beautiful and picks his pocket. Although Robert doesn’t trust her, he still wants to possess her.

Esther arrived in Chicago with the intention of slaying a vampire named Daedalus. While trailing her quarry, she encounters Robert who unhinges her world. He doesn’t know her trade, and she doesn’t know his connection to the vampire.

Disturbed by her attraction to this unusual werewolf, she can’t decide which prey to hunt. The one who’s stolen her heart or the one who’ll fill her bank account.

Hot graphic werewolf sex, growing body parts, and one pissed off Nosferatu.

For more information on Annie, visit her website.

To read an excerpt, click here. To purchase, click here.

May 10, 2011

Peace and Quiet

Well, KAM and the kids went home last week. I spent this weekend enjoying peace & quiet and maybe being just a little bored with nothing to do. The house is clean and there's nothing worth watching on TV right now so I sat in the quiet and read a book. It fell so good to do that.

Sunday was Mother's Day and I got a call from JAM in Afghanistan. It was great to hear his voice. He sent me roses, too. HNM bought me a rose necklace (see a pattern here? Obviously roses are my favorite flower.) and a beautiful card that made me cry. And of course I cried again when I got the card from JWM. He had to work all day but his girlfriend brought it over along with chocolate covered strawberries. All in all it was an awesome weekend.

This week will be more of the same. DH is going to play paintball all weekend and I'll be home alone. I have to work a little while on Saturday afternoon, but after that nothing but quiet. It'll be the perfect time to get some writing done.

May 04, 2011

Review: Living In Color by Trish Milburn

Book Description:
After the death of her father, Sabrina Bishop feels a sense of relief that he's gone. No longer will he be able to abuse her mother mentally or physically, and just maybe her mother might grow to see what he'd done to her was wrong. But with the death of Jim Bishop, Sabrina is now responsible for her mother's well-being since Ruby can't read or write and has lived a sheltered life. But Ruby has a very small comfort zone in rural West Tennessee, and that means she can't come live with Sabrina in Atlanta. Besides, Sabrina's job as an award-winning news photographer keeps her traveling around the globe most of the time. As she tries to make suitable plans for her mother's future, Sabrina offers to take Ruby on a road trip to expose her to a world she's never seen. As they travel to sites such as Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone National Park and the Gulf Coast of Florida, the trip becomes a journey of unexpected healing and self-discovery not only for Ruby, but for Sabrina as well.

A beautiful story of overcoming the past, Living in Color by Trish Milburn had me reading into the night.

As a victim of abuse myself, I could relate to the feelings and emotions of both Sabrina and her mother Ruby as they make their way through a difficult time.

The love Sabrina has for her mother is obvious even through the anger she feels at Ruby for “allowing” the abuse. Their journey is not only a visit to places Ruby has never been allowed to dream of visiting it’s also a journey back to themselves and each other.

Living in Color is a great read.

NEW RELEASE! Friction by Kim Knox

Book 2 in the Planetary Bodies series.

A deal is a deal.

But when that deal includes appearing in Tomas Thorne’s office ready to offer herself for his…consumption, Shan Rayner runs, hides and has no intention of going through with it. That is until she’s hit by sheen, a turbulent force from the Uranian lower atmosphere. A force that brings her darkest desires to the surface.

Need swamps Shan and she finds herself outside Tomas’ office, all too ready to agree to anything he wants. Absolutely anything.

Buy here from Ellora's Cave

You can also read an excerpt here

At my website there's a little sneak peek behind the series, Planetary Bodies
Friction is part of a linked series. The first book, Magnetism, can be found here.