July 12, 2012

Last night I went out with friends to see Magic Mike, the "stripper" movie for women. It was totally awesome! The storyline was not well written, and there were a few times when I wanted to smack someone to try and improve their acting ability. But the movie was totally awesome!

Why, you ask? Ummm...have you seen the previews, or the movie posters, or stalked the internet looking for pics of these hotties? Yep. That's why!

Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum and the rest of the "male dance revue" were really easy on the eyes. Did I mention eye-candy? Yep. Definitely eye-candy.

Hmmm...it just got a little hot in here. *whew*

July 05, 2012


Wow. It's been awhile since I posted. Been busy working & living life. My husband and I are on vacation this week. We drove up to Munfordville, KY to spend a little time with his dad & stepmom. She works for the county extension office and handles the county fair every year. So we helped out by judging a kid's pet contest (lots of fun), a fried pie contest (Yum!!) and working the concession stand (not really work). I enjoyed myself and always love spending time with them. We're back home now and getting ready to keep the grandkids for the weekend before we head back to work on Monday morning. This may not be everyone's idea of a vacation, but we've really enjoyed ourselves. What kinds of things do you do when you have a few days off work?