December 29, 2009

Diving in to 2010

Well, 2009 is almost over and it's time to think of the New Year ahead. Resolutions I make usually get broken so this year I'm setting goals instead of making resolutions. Knowing me it probably won't be any different but a girl can hope, can't she?

I'd like to finish at least one MS this year so beginning now I'm going to write every single day if it kills me. Even if I write only one sentence a day it will add up to more than what I did this entire year. So my #1 goal in 2010 is to sit in my chair and write one sentence a day. Surely I can do at least that much. And for once I may even exceed my own expectations.

So, here I go. I'm Diving in to 2010.

December 21, 2009

It's a Wonderful Life

I watched my all time favorite Christmas movie the other night; "It's a Wonderful Life". I watch it every year, and every year I cry at the end. But it's not the actors or the set or the cinematography. It's the story itself.

Everything we do or say touches those around us. I love the idea that even I can have an impact on others in my life and I hope that impact is a good one. Sometimes we all wish our lives could be different, as if we missed out on something somewhere down the line. But in the end, our lives are exactly as they're supposed to be, no matter what we go through.

So, when you think things aren't going well in your life and you want to give up, think about all the people who have crossed your path along the way and how your not being there would affect them. I bet you'll be surprised that something as small as a friendly smile when someone is down could be the one thing that keeps that person going. And remember, It's a Wonderful Life.

December 18, 2009


This young man is about to embark on a very interesting journey. He's leaving next week to spend four months in Nicaragua doing missionary work with the locals. If he's able, he'll be sending information about what's going on and I'll post here whenever I can. Stephen is a bright young man with a very generous heart. Good luck, Stephen, and be safe.

December 16, 2009

Christmas Memories

I remember one Christmas wanting a diamond necklace more than anything in the world. I was about 10 or 11 and I told Mom, even though I knew we could never afford one.

I woke up Christmas morning and we all gathered around the tree. There were no boxes small enough to be a diamond necklace and I was disappointed. I had hoped that maybe, just maybe, that necklace would be there.

All the gifts were opened except this huge box. Mom brought it to me and said it was mine, something I really wanted and she knew I'd love it.

I couldn't imagine what it could possibly be. It was heavy and when I opened the box, I found nothing but old newspapers and sweet potatoes. I remember looking up at mom and wondering what on earth was going on. She told me to keep going and so I took everything out and sat it next to me on the floor. The deeper I got into the box, the more confused I became. Finally, down at the very bottom, was a small jewelry box; my diamond necklace. I was so excited I couldn't contain myself. I got what I wanted and mom got to see my face move from disappointment, to confusion, to excitement.

Isn't that what we all strive for during Christmas? To see that the gifts we choose, whether something they've asked for or something we chose especially for them, give so much joy to those we love.

I lost that necklace (thank goodness it wasn't a real diamond) b/c I wasn't really old enough to treasure something like that. But the memory of how I got it will never be lost. And that's the true treasure.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!!!

December 15, 2009

I'm Dreaming be snuggled up in a bay window, watching the snow fall outside, wrapped up in a blanket with a warm cup of cocoa, Christmas music in the background, and a good book.

I could look around the room at the tree decorated with memories from the past and swags of greenery, holly and poinsettas draped all over. A fire would be crackling in the fireplace where the stockings are hanging, full of my favorite chocolate and small gifts just waiting to be unwrapped.

Ah, to be so relaxed and content. Too bad I don't have snow, a bay window, cocoa, a book (good or bad), decorations or gifts.

Nope. I'm at work. But I can still dream.

Family Pictures

We did family pictures this weekend. They turned out great! I'm so proud of my family. The kids are doing great and my husband and I are still going strong. We're so blessed and I'm thankful for all we have. Here are just a few of my favorites.

This one's me and the hubby.
Aren't we a cute couple?

My three adorable babies.

And this is the most beautiful baby in the world. Yeah, I'm a little prejudiced, but so what?

This is my son's family. So sweet.

And this is the whole bunch.
What a great group of people.

December 09, 2009


No ordinary holiday in the country...

When wayward, sophisticated Christabel is forced to take an extended country holiday she foresees only long days of bucolic boredom and sexual ennui. But she has reckoned without the hidden agenda of Nicholas, her deviously sensual husband, and the presence of unexpected stimuli within the grounds of a brooding old mansion house. Almost immediately, she is drawn into a web of transgressive eroticism, where power and pleasure shift and change like the shadows playing across Collingwood's secretive walls. Swept in with her are the delusional but libidinous Daniel, a prisoner of his own obsession with the past; his beautiful wild-child sister, Augusta; and the golden, ambiguous Jamie, personal assistant to the all-controlling Nicholas.

As the summer passes, and ever darker and more challenging liaisons unfold, Christabel quickly comes to relish her enforced sabbatical.



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December 05, 2009

8 Ways Onto The Naughty List

8 Ways Onto The Naughty List
Rita Sawyer
ISBN Number: 978-1-897560-23-5
Genre: Holiday Romance
Length: Novella
Price: $2.99


Patsy has lusted after her boss for years, but lately it's getting harder to keep that desire hidden. She decides to quit before she makes a fool of herself. Her boss Dexter refuses to accept her resignation letting her out of her contract. So she sets out to get fired without actually screwing up her job, which means some big changes around the office.

Dexter finally admits he can't ignore the way he feels about Patsy anymore. He calls her into his office intending to ask her out to dinner and hopefully bring their relationship onto a more personal level. Before he can say anything she quits. He refuses to let her out of her contract. This gives him twelve weeks to get her to change her mind, so when she starts changing things around the office he gives it a chance hoping to show her another side of him.

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December 01, 2009

"The Scroll Thief: a Tale of Ithian" by R. F. Long

Love is the wiliest thief of all.

A Tale of Ithian

Malachy and his sister rely on his talents as a thief to survive the dangerous streets of Klathport, former capital of the once-great kingdom of Ithian. Stealing a few papers should have been a simple job. Instead, it nearly costs their lives and throws them into an improbable alliance with a shape-shifting official, a desert tribeswoman, and a healer of enchanting beauty.

Cerys is far more than a simple healer—and the roots of her mission go deeper into the past than anyone can know. She needs Malachy’s skills to recover a stolen scroll, one that can be used to rewrite history and, in the wrong hands, release the dark powers of the Demon Realm.

Her mission was supposed to atone for a dreadful, long-ago act. Instead, it unleashes a chain of events which sees them pursued through city and desert by the fearsome Dune Witch and a killer known only as His Lordship. Romance, tragedy, and adventure blend in a tale of a magical land on the brink of war, and five unlikely allies who, by putting their lives—and their hearts—on the line, have the opportunity to finally set things right.

But at a terrible cost.

Warning: Contains scenes of graphic violence and torture, captivating magic and beauty, two dashing heroes, three gutsy heroines, several love stories and a heartbreaking sacrifice.

Read an excerpt HERE.

"The Christmas She Rules"
Control is her kink…and she’s losing it.

It’s another gloomy Christmas for Pamela Dane. Not only is it the anniversary of a dark period in her life, but all her friends had the nerve to hook up. It’s not easy for a female Domme to find a playmate. Maybe The Cage in San Francisco will be the perfect place to escape—and find a willing man to chase away the memories.

Christian Nolan is at the BDSM club for the hell of it. Yet the minute Mistress Dane takes control of him, she not only stuns him with her talent, he stuns himself with his willingness to surrender. Her offer to meet him there for another night is intriguing—and frightening.

Pamela’s session with Chris shakes her to the core, resurrecting memories she’s afraid to face. But Chris isn’t willing to let her past haunt her…even if it leaves his heart in tatters.

Warning: Hot, strong man on his knees, which will bring you to yours. Strap-on action, anal play, lots of leather and tons of tension. Alpha male who likes to do whatever the right woman tells him to do, including another woman.

Want a taste? Read an excerpt HERE.


December is here and I haven't accomplished any of my New Year's resolutions I made back in January. Like, I'm supposed to have finished at least two MS's but haven't even gotten past chapter 3 on either of the two I've started. And now, here it is, only one month away from making new resolutions. Better get on the ball, girlie!!