September 30, 2008


Beauty and the BeastsbyAva Rose Johnson

They don't just want her for the full moon...they want her forever

For centuries the Kingdom of Drayzlake has been divided between the humans and the wolves. But when a wolf crosses the Divide and bites the humans’ princess, all hell breaks loose. With wolven blood now running in her veins, Princess Abigail is forced to mate with a wolf every full moon. What she doesn’t realize is that she is mating with two wolves rather than one. Caine and Stavros are identical twins and soon-to-be Alphas of their pack. And they’re tired of taking turns.
So on one moonlit night after another vigorous mating session, Abigail finds herself kidnapped to the wolves’ quarters. Trapped in their fort she can’t deny the two beasts who desire her so, and locked between their powerful bodies she can hardly remember her own name. But it soon becomes clear that these sexual games are as dangerous as they are delicious. Because Caine and Stavros don’t just want her for the full moon…
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Internet vs Writer

Surfing the internet and writing do not mix. No matter how hard I try when I sit down at my computer, which just happens to be hooked up to the internet, nothing gets written because I 'm so busy surfing. And not for research purposes. There are so many different games to play or maybe I'll just google myself. But NOTHING GETS WRITTEN. I am way too easily distracted. So see my previous post where I've written a letter of apology to my manuscript. I wonder what would happen if I googled....?

September 29, 2008

Writing Prompt

Most of us set a New Year's resolution that this was going to be the year we finished our manuscript, but once again, we neglected it. Write an apology letter to your manuscript explaining what happened and how you plan to make it up to the manuscript by December 31.

Dear “A Knight’s Peace”,

Here it is the middle of October and I still have not finished with you. I know I promised I would be done this year, but so many things have happened that I just haven’t been able to get around to it.

The laundry always needed washing when I started that first sentence. And God forbid the floors needed mopping before I opened that research book. I’ve also noticed that each time I took you and the laptop to the park there were so many interesting people to watch that I just couldn’t concentrate on you. I am so sorry for neglecting you.

But I swear I’m going to get you finished. I have about 2 months left. Surely I can write 100,000 words by then.

I really do want to finish you,

September 27, 2008


We lost a great man today. Paul Newman passed away at the age of 83. So, in honor of him, and since it's Weekend Warrior day here on My Writer's Attic, here are a couple of pics of Paul. A great actor, an awesome entrepreneur, and a Good Man!

Beautiful Blue Eyes

Man, he's hot!!

September 26, 2008

I Want to be an Historical Romance Novel Heroine

Why? Because they very seldom bathe and still smell like roses (or at least they never smell sweaty or horsey or unwashed). They never shave their legs but when the hero runs his hands up their thighs he doesn't notice how long the hair has gotten. And they never brush their teeth yet the hero doesn't complain about bad breath.

When you read (or write) an historical romance novel it's naturally focused on the relationship between the hero and heroine. Of course most writers research pretty much every aspect of the time period they're writing about which includes the daily habits of people. For instance, in the 14th century, where my current WIP is set, most people did not bathe every day and sometimes not even once a month, yet I would never dwell on this in my novel. It would detract from the essence of the story. And, let's face it, no one wants to read about a hero who smells like an unwashed horse and a heroine who has six inch leg hair and breath so foul a dog would turn away.

So, if you ask me, an Historical Romance Novel Heroine is the way to go. You get the most romantic guy on earth and he loves you even though the hair on your legs is longer than the hair on his head and he thinks your kisses are sweet as honey even though you have a snaggle tooth smile. What more could a girl ask for?

September 25, 2008

Making a Scene

I found a new book on the craft last weekend. It's called "Making a Scene" and it breaks down the structure of different types of scenes. According to this book each scene is a mini story in itself and should answer the same questions (or leave questions in the readers mind to be answered later) as the chapter or overall novel. So far it's good and it might even help. And that is the extent of my writing update for this week. Too bad there's not a magic formula for BIC!!

September 24, 2008

Isn't is strange

how sometimes when you try to remember something from your past you can't, but when you aren't trying at all the weirdest memories come out from hiding in the dark recesses of your mind? It happens to me a lot. I'll be going about my business, just thinking of nothing in particular when Wham! a rogue memory will just pop out of nowhere and nearly knock me for a loop. Those can sometimes be the best kind of memories. Something you haven't thought about in years, mostly a good memory, and it helps you work through whatever happens to be bothering you at the time. Yeah, memory lane can be a good road to trod.

September 23, 2008


The Rapture

The Rapture
Missy Lyons
Price $2
September, 2008
ISBN 978-1-60659-030-0

The lure of a demon lover is difficult to resist, and impossible to leave, because sex is highly addictive. Sex with a demon is known as the rapture, since it brings absolute pleasure so intense that it is almost painful. But is the price worth gambling your life and your freedom?

Now available exclusively at Phaze Books
You can read more at Missy Lyon's webiste

Gas Shortage

Gas stations are still backing up for miles and running out of fuel within a day of filling their tanks. I spent all day Friday watching the live webcam focused on the station across the street from the newspaper. It was controlled chaos. An attendant was directing traffic into one side and another attendant let them out the other side. It went on for hours and was still going the next morning. The line moved fairly quickly though so that was a good thing, but some people still had to wait an hour or more. No one can figure out why it's only happening in Nashville, though. I found gas in Bellevue on Sunday and filled up but I've still decided to ride the bus at least a couple days a week for awhile so that I can save what I have. It's always a good thing to save money...

September 22, 2008

Monday Writing Prompt

You and a friend have just finished a lovely meal at your favorite restaurant. But things take a turn when you notice that the waiter has scribbled an unexpected—and startling—message on your bill. Write this scene.

"I'll get the bill this time," I said, reaching for the bill the waiter lay on the table between us.

"Are you sure? I think you got it last time." Tam reached for the bill but pulled her hand away when she saw what was written on the bottom.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

I looked down at the bill and noticed a sticky note that said, "I'm you're husband's son. Call me at 555-1234."

"Oh, my God. What on earth?" I looked toward the cash register but the waiter was gone. When I looked back at Tam her face had turned the color of a winter sky.

"What's going on, Tam? Who was that?" I asked.

"Why are you asking me? Ed doesn't have a son." She reached for her purse and I saw her hands were shaking. "Maybe Nick has a son you don't know anything about," she said.

"Well, I doubt it. Nick told me years ago about an abortion, but that certainly isn't his son. Besides you look like you've seen a ghost." I pulled the sticky note from the bill and handed it to Tam.

"I don't want that. I'm telling you Ed does not have any children. He would have told me." She stood up and headed toward the door.

I put the note in my pocket and paid for our meal. When I got to the car Tam had calmed down and smiled at me as she got in the passenger seat. I let the subject drop and we made plans for next week as I let her out at her driveway.

When I got home I pulled the note from my pocket and dialed the number. "Hello," a young man answered.

I hesitated but finally said, "Uhm. Yes. You left a note on my table at Bledsoe's tonight. What's going on?"

"My father is Ed McMillan. Are you his wife?"

"No. I'm her friend. What are you trying to pull. Ed doesn't have any children," I said.

"Yes, ma'am he does. I'm the product of an experiment he and his wife conducted a few years ago in Washington. He was the sperm donor and she was the scientist on the project. When the backer found out what they'd done they tried to abort me but it was too late. I was found by a custodian and she raised me as her own."

I realized I was holding my breath and let it out slowly. "That's impossible. Tam isn't a scientist. She's a clothing designer. You must be mistaken." Or crazy, I thought.

"I'm not mistaken. Or crazy either. My mother told me all about it. Ask your friend." He hung up and I called Tam right away. I couldn't believe what this guy was telling me.

"Tam, the guy at the restaurant? He just gave me the strangest story," I said.

"I told you to forget about that guy, Char. He's obviously some weirdo," she answered.

"Well, that's probably true. But I couldn't help myself. I was too curious to let it drop." I laughed and said, "He says he's the product of some experiment and that Ed is his father. And you're a scientist who thought up the project. How ridiculous is that?"

"Like I said, he's some weirdo. Now just forget about it, Char." Tam's voice had gone ice cold. I couldn't believe my best friend would lie to me but there was definitely something strange going on.

"Ok. Ok. I just thought you should know in case he goes to the media with it," I said. "Well, good night, Tam. I'll see you next week." I hung up the phone and went to bed.

The headline in the morning paper caught my attention. Local Waiter Found dead; Top Designer Accused of Murder.

September 21, 2008

Publisher's Weekly

I was supposed to post today about Industry News but I've been extremely busy and haven't had a chance to check my Publisher's Weekly for this week. So I'm going to post a link to the website instead. Click here to visit Publisher's Weekly.

September 20, 2008

Weekend Warrior

I was searching everywhere for a pic of the hero for A Knight's Peace and stumbled over this guy in a romance divas thread. He's not an exact match but he's so darn close I couldn't turn him down. He will definitely be free to rescue my damsel in distress...well, maybe she'll rescue him. We'll see.

September 19, 2008

Part Time

I applied for a part time position at Booksamillion a couple of weeks ago and I'm going in for an interview this evening. I'm excited because I've always wanted to work in a bookstore but knew that it couldn't be my primary income since I wouldn't make enough money to support my family. Now, working a full time job during the day and with DH working a full time job, too, I can work part time at a bookstore and enjoy it without the stress of "making money". So, wish me luck on the interview.

September 18, 2008


Today I'm supposed to blog about the progress I've made with my writing. Unfortunately not much has been made. I'm constantly thinking about the plot but I can't seem to get it to come out like I want it on paper. I'm so organized in my work life but in my writing life my characters and my plot won't let me be organized. And it's driving me nuts!! I want it to go one way but they want it to go a different way. And I can't seem to figure out how to make it go the way they want it to go. Of course, that's probably just my control issues coming out. If I'd let them go and just write what they want instead of having to think it all through first, then it would probably be a much better story.

How on earth do you pantsers let go?!?

September 17, 2008


Available September 17th from Ellora's Cave

Twins Hawk and Val are Fianna warriors under the vengeful curse of a scorned goddess. Following the prophecy in the Book of Veils, they search for the one who can help them retrieve the Claiomh Solais before their enemies get the chance. Their quest leads them to Linnea. One touch and there can be no doubt that they have found their match. But will she accept them once she knows the truth?

Linnea is no one special. So why is she on the run from evil faeries and her egotistical ex? Why is she suddenly spending time in the company of dragons, druids, and one kinky Viking with a split personality? All she knows is she has to keep her daughter safe from those who hunt her, and her heart safe from another betrayal.

To protect one gifted child and all of humanity from the dark god that seeks retribution, they must learn to trust each other. To have a future together, they must find the perfect balance.

Bradshaw's Pond

It was a warm sunny day in Southern Arkansas. I remember sitting beneath the trees on the side of Bradshaw’s Pond with a notebook and pencil, writing. I don’t remember if I was writing a story or a poem or a diary entry, but I do remember the feeling of peace I had at the time. Of course I’d been there many times before that day, but that day sticks in my memory for some reason.

I went to Bradshaw’s Pond often to be alone. I lived with my mother at my grandparent’s house and was constantly surrounded by about 15-20 cousins. My grandparents had 15 children with 9 living at that time and believe it or not my mother was the only girl in the bunch. We all lived door to door and there were quite a few of us, so a little peace and quiet was hard to come by. Bradshaw’s Pond became my sanctuary.

There are a lot of memories linked to that place. My grandfather took me fishing there when I was very young and I have a scar on my back from climbing under the fence while he held it up for me. He even let me keep the first fish I caught in a bucket and bring it home as a pet. My first kiss took place under the trees there and of course it’s where I went to write.

Why this day was special compared to any other I don’t know. Maybe I was writing my first “just for me” story or maybe something “teenagery” had happened and I’m remembering the feelings I had about it. Or maybe it was just a beautiful day. Either way it’s a wonderful memory that I will hold onto forever.

Now, when I go back to visit, everything has changed. Very little of my family is left on the street, just a few uncles and aunts and none of my cousins. And my wonderful sanctuary has been filled in and is now just an open field. It saddens me to see the desolation when my memories are full of beauty. I know things change but my memories will be with me always. And Bradshaw’s Pond will always be my special place

September 16, 2008

A Fond Farewell

I'll be attending a funeral today for a very sweet friend. She died suddenly on Saturday in a horrible head on collision. She leaves behind 2 small children and a husband to mourn her loss. I've only known her a short time, but she was sweet and kind and loved her family very much and I will miss seeing her and hearing her voice each day at work. She may be gone, but she will never be forgotten by those who knew and loved her.

When something like this happens it brings home how easily life can be lost. One minute someone is vibrant and well, and the next minute they're gone from our lives forever. So, cherish each moment and love all those around you with all your heart.

RIP Tracy Sesler

September 15, 2008

Writing Prompt

Your best friend has been arrested for illegally downloading music. While in jail, she asks you to go to her house and clear everything off her computer. As you start deleting files, you notice a folder called "Top Secret." Out of curiosity, you open it—and are shocked by what you find.

"Hey, Char, it's Tam. I need a favor," Tam whispers.

"What's up Tam. You in jail or something?" Char laughs.

"Yeah. I downloaded some music to my laptop and I need you to clear it off before the cops find it."

"You're kidding right? This is some sort of weird joke you're pulling?" Char couldn't believe Tam had actually been arrested. She'd pulled some stunts before but nothing that major.

"No. Now listen. My laptop is in the closet in my bedroom. I need you to get it and delete the music files," Tam said. "I gotta go. My one call is almost up. You gonna do it for me?"

Char shook her head and said, "Yeah, Tam. I always do."

Char hung up the phone and sat down at the kitchen table. This was real. Tam had been arrested and she wanted Char to help cover up her crime. She stood up and walked toward the door, picking up her keys on the way out. She headed over to Tam's apartment a block down.

No cops. I guess they haven't gotten the search warrant yet, Char thought and shrugged.

She used her key to get in and headed straight for the bedroom closet. She could take it home with her and no one would ever know she'd been here. That seemed to be the safest way to go. She locked the door behind her and walked back home.

Char put the laptop down on the kitchen table and pulled up a chair. Once the desktop came up she opened the music file and started the delete process. I wonder what other weird stuff she's got on here, thought Char, chuckling to herself.

A file named "Top Secret" seemed to leap off the screen at her. Her hand hesitated on the mouse before she finally opened it. They'd been friends for a long time but she'd never spied on her before.

Hmmm. Password protected. I wonder what could be so 'top secret', she thought. Char entered the password, the same thing Tam had used on every document since sixth grade, and pulled up a list of what she assumed were places Tam wanted to visit.

"Now, why would a file of vacation brochures need to be password protected. This is wierd," Char muttered to herself. She opened the first document, "Sandy Beaches", and nearly fell out of her chair when she saw what Tam was keeping secret. Tam was running a phone sex business and Char had just found the list of client conversations.

"Oh, my God! I wonder if she'll let me use some of this in the erotic romance I'm writing," Char laughed and continued reading.

September 14, 2008

Changes are Afoot

I've decided to change the blog up a bit and will give each day of the week a certain theme. Monday I'll do a writing prompt and my take on it. Tuesday will be random thoughts/feelings/stories...whatever. Wednesday I'll take a trip down memory lane and Thursday I'll give an update on where I am with my current WIP, what I'm working on or whatevery research I'm doing. Friday I think we'll just go with the flow and see what comes up. Saturday I'll post a photo of my "Weekend Warrior" and Sunday will consist of either a snippet of what I'm currently working on or maybe just another progress report. I'm excited about the changes and hope they'll help me keep on track and improve my own writing in the process.

September 12, 2008


I put together the new blog template all by myself. Well, with a little help from the basic templates available here. It took a while to get everything just the way I want it and there are still a few things I may change later on, but all in all it looks pretty good.

I love to learn new things. This could be a blessing and a curse I guess. A blessing because I can adapt to new things easier than some. A curse because I'm so busy learning something new that I use it as a procrastination tool. I put off my writing by learning something new about the craft.

Although I'm not near where I want to be in my current WIP, I am writing and that's what matters right?

September 11, 2008


It's been 3 days. My legs are sore. I'm tired. And I know it's good for me. But boy do I miss my sleep. I hate getting up early. I am so not a morning person. But then again I'm not a night owl either. I'm more of a 10am-9pm person.

Well, at least I know that eventually I'll lose the weight I want to lose and be healthier for it.

September 09, 2008

Internal Editor

I may have figured out why I can't seem to turn off that infernal internal editor who creeps up on me every time I sit down to write. I should have realized it before. It's work that won't let me write.

Every time I email or work on a report I'm constantly editing. I go back and change the way I worded that last sentence or restructure that last paragraph so that I don't offend anyone who might happen to read it. And I find myself doing the same thing when I'm writing.

How do I make it stop? Aside from quitting my job and staying home to write full time (which I can't afford to do) I haven't figured it out yet. But I'll keep working on it. Eventually the editor has to sleep right?

September 04, 2008

A New Leaf

Well, I stopped doing my Morning Pages and I stopped walking in the mornings. And let me tell you, I feel aweful. When I walked each morning I got up and felt good about myself and it made my day go better. And when I was doing my morning pages I was more likely to write later during the day as well. It seemed to motivate me.

So, why did I stop? Laziness mostly. Even though walking makes me feel better during the day I just didn't want to get up so early. I like my sleep. And the Morning Pages also cut into my sleep time. I know I need these things to feel better about myself and my day, but I just can't seem to make myself get up early and do them.

So, starting on Monday, I plan to turn over a new leaf. There is absolutely no reason why I can't get up 30 minutes earlier and walk around the block, then come back and write my Morning Pages. I just need the motivation and drive to do them.