September 29, 2008

Writing Prompt

Most of us set a New Year's resolution that this was going to be the year we finished our manuscript, but once again, we neglected it. Write an apology letter to your manuscript explaining what happened and how you plan to make it up to the manuscript by December 31.

Dear “A Knight’s Peace”,

Here it is the middle of October and I still have not finished with you. I know I promised I would be done this year, but so many things have happened that I just haven’t been able to get around to it.

The laundry always needed washing when I started that first sentence. And God forbid the floors needed mopping before I opened that research book. I’ve also noticed that each time I took you and the laptop to the park there were so many interesting people to watch that I just couldn’t concentrate on you. I am so sorry for neglecting you.

But I swear I’m going to get you finished. I have about 2 months left. Surely I can write 100,000 words by then.

I really do want to finish you,

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