April 28, 2010

Update on School Incident

Thankfully everything is settled and no one was hurt.

Apparently I got my point across when I picked HNM up and told the office what I thought of how they handled the situation. I know of at least one other parent who went off a little harder on them than I did. The principal called me this afternoon and tried to explain things. She swears it was not their intention to lie (technically it wasn't a lie according to her) to the parents. "We should have communicated better with the office." Uh...ya think?

They wanted to keep the kids calm and out of harms way and keep the parents from swarming the school. And while I understand that, at the same time I panicked more b/c my kid was in a situation that could have turned dangerous and I had to find out via the news channels and my daughter's text messages, while the school is telling me a completely different story. And the school still has not sent out an email or a mass phone call to the parents.

But I'm much calmer than I was earlier and I'm glad they found the kids and the gun and got them out of the school and away from the other students.

Don't Lie To Me!

So, my daughter calls me from school this morning on her cell phone to tell me the school is on lockdown and the cops are there looking for a guy with a gun somewhere in the building. Of course I freak out and call the school. The lady in the office told me that it was just a drill they have to do a couple times a year and nothing was going on. Never mind the fact that my child has been in that school for four years and there's never been a drill before.

So, I try to calm my daughter down and let her know it's ok. It's just a drill and should be over soon. Only she informs me that they just came on the intercom to tell the students to remain in their classrooms a little longer. They had a serious situation but not to panic.

So, I call again and am told the same thing. It's a drill and everything's ok. Then I go onto the news website and find out they've arrested two students for bringing a semi-automatic weapon to school. Umm...drill, huh? Yeah, right!!

Of course I panic for real now and leave work to go to the school, just like every other parent on the planet would do. I'm met by a security guard in the parking lot who tells me what's happened. A student saw a kid with a gun on the bus and reported it. The kid with the gun put the gun in a female student's purse. Both were arrested and taken down to jail. When I asked why the school lied to me, the guard says she'd heard that from a lot of parents and couldn't explain it.

When I get into the office, there's not a single office worker, just students trying to help the parents find their students. I asked to speak with an office worker and when I asked them why they lied they tell me "we didn't know what was going on. We didn't know there were police and dogs in the school." Yeah, right. You're on lockdown and you're in the main office and you have no idea that something's going on. I don't think so.

And while I'm waiting for my daughter to get to the office so we can leave I hear that same worker on the phone with another parent telling them "We don't know anything about a gun. We haven't heard anything."

I know they don't want to cause a panic, but for goodness sake don't lie to me. Just tell me there's been an incident but things are fine and back to normal now. Don't tell me a bald faced lie that's only going to piss me off when I find out through the news that someone had a gun around my kid.

Stupid school! I can't wait for graduation next month.

Slow Writer

My writing has pretty much gone from sporadic to non-existent. I read an article recently on "slow writers" and have decided that I'm definitely in that category. I write in spurts when the mood strikes, but when I sit at the computer and see the blank screen or try to concentrate on what I've previously written, I can't seem to write anything. Or what I do write makes no sense; it's just words strung together to make sentences that make paragraphs so that I can up my word count.

I know to be serious about being a writer I'm supposed to write every day no matter what. I've even got BICHOK as the screen saver on my netbook. Only I can't seem to make myself do it. I want to write. I think about writing all the time. I plot and think and plot and sometimes write. But I can't be one of those who sits at the computer for hours and pours out a novel in a few weeks or months.

How about you? Are you a "slow writer"?

April 24, 2010

Fun New Phone

I finally got the new phone and it's so much fun. It's a little more complicated than any other I've had but I can handle it. And I'm quickly learning whatever I need, "There's an App for that". LOL

April 23, 2010


It's amazing how waiting for something can drive you nuts. I ordered a new phone, the Motorolla Droid from Verizon, and I keep refreshing the FedEx Tracking website over and over again. Even though I'll get a phone call from home when it's delivered I can't stand not refreshing the site. I'm going crazy. Argggghhh! I just want to play with my new toy!!