August 29, 2011

Mason Turns 1

It was a pretty laid back weekend. We had a great time at MAM's 1st birthday party this weekend. There was great food prepared by KAM's mom & there was a pinata for the kids. Only I think most of the adults left with the

Other than that we didn't do much. I did get the flyers in the mail for the family reunion, though. Only 4 more weeks until I get to see my mom & the rest of the family. My sister is supposed to come back with me for a visit. Can't wait for that.

How was your weekend?

August 18, 2011

Getting Ready

Ok. The car is back again & it seems to be fine now. No oil leak, no popping wheels & no Check Engine Light shining at me. Let's just hope she stays for awhile now.

Getting ready for the family reunion next month. I've got tons of notes on the family history, but haven't started writing anything at all yet. I'd love to be able to visit some of the other states we came from, but that's not feasible right now. Eventually I will get to do those things, but for now I'll have to rely on the internet.

I did manage to get a few addresses & create a flyer that I'll put in the mail this next week. So far, so good. Looks like quite a few people will attend so it's going to be a success. We'll get to visit without the specter of a funeral hanging around us for a change. I can't wait!

I still need to work on the descendent chart. I want to be able to hang it up at the pavilion so everyone will be able to see what I have so far & we can add what they know to the mix. Plus it will help with my research.

And maybe by next year's reunion I'll have a lot more information to include!

August 15, 2011


Ok. I'm about ready to put Baby in the corner myself. Darn thing is back in the shop again. The Check Engine Light came on & wouldn't go off, there's oil coming from somewhere & the wheels pop when turning. I am not a happy camper right now.

But at least it's still under warranty & we're not paying for any of this stuff. Although driving the loaner car after the Mazda is not fun!

August 09, 2011

Baby's Back

Baby's back! We FINALLY got the new car back yesterday. The cruise is fixed and the car still runs like a dream. Can't wait to get it out on the open road again! But I'm still a little miffed that we had to leave it at the dealership all weekend when it was fixed and ready to go. Oh, well. It's over now & Baby's back!

August 03, 2011

It's No Fun

Our new car is awesome! It makes driving fun. There's only one little problem. It's in the shop.

There's nothing wrong with it mechanically. It still drives like a dream. But when we first got it home we realized the cruise control didn't work. The system would turn on but it wouldn't set. So we took it back where we bought it since it's still under warranty.

Only no one seems to be able to find out why it's not working. The dealership where we bought it had to send it to the Mazda dealer who is online with a tech-line/hotline trying to figure it out. I mean it can't really be that hard, can it? If you can't figure out why it's not working replace the entire thing.

Just please give me my car back. The loaner you gave me isn't nearly as much fun.