August 03, 2011

It's No Fun

Our new car is awesome! It makes driving fun. There's only one little problem. It's in the shop.

There's nothing wrong with it mechanically. It still drives like a dream. But when we first got it home we realized the cruise control didn't work. The system would turn on but it wouldn't set. So we took it back where we bought it since it's still under warranty.

Only no one seems to be able to find out why it's not working. The dealership where we bought it had to send it to the Mazda dealer who is online with a tech-line/hotline trying to figure it out. I mean it can't really be that hard, can it? If you can't figure out why it's not working replace the entire thing.

Just please give me my car back. The loaner you gave me isn't nearly as much fun.

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