February 08, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow. What a busy 3.5 weeks it's been. I've been on loan to a different section of our department for a major project at work and have been busy, busy, busy. I love it!

The first week was training via conference call & Adobe Connect. The 2nd & 3rd weeks were filled with configuration, creating, testing & group training. And this week will be used to finish up any outstanding tasks.

But the best news is that within the first week I was asked to fly out to Phoenix this month and work the same project for the paper out there. How exciting! So, I head to Arizona on the 20th & will stay for a week to help implement the same project management system there. A week away from work for work. I'll definitely be enjoying that!

Of course, once I get back from Phoenix I'll go back to my normal, boring job, but at least there'll be another notch on my resume.