January 28, 2009

I Took a Step

Last night, for the very first time, I told a complete stranger, someone I didn't know and had just met, that I'm a Writer. I've stepped out into the unknown. And it felt good. Someone besides family and friends (online and off) wanted to know about my writing. I feel all giddy inside.

January 27, 2009

You've Come a Long Way Baby

I was just thinking about a place I lived in about 5 years ago. I was recently divorced with a job that paid almost nothing, supporting 3 kids and trying to keep it together. I had already moved out of a couple of places because I couldn't afford them and then had moved to this place because the people who owned it were nice enough to overlook my past problems.

The house, or trailer that was passing as a house, was back in the woods on a small hill. The air conditioning was a window unit in the kitchen and the only heat was a wood stove situated in the middle of the living room leaving no room for furniture. But since I didn't have any furniture I guess that didn't really matter. The kids all had beds so it was okay that I slept on a small foam mattress on the floor.

My car had broken down and could not be repaired; at least not without considerable cost I couldn't pay. A friend gave me a 1987 GMC Suburban and I drove that thing around until I got back on my feet and could afford something else. In the winter I had to plug the truck in to keep the motor from freezing up and some mornings it took forever to start it, but at least I had a way to get back and forth to work.

Times were tough but we were all together and had plenty to eat. I think back sometimes and wish things could have been different but I realize at the same time that living in those conditions made me stronger. Another reason "The Person I was Made Me The Person I Am".

January 26, 2009

It's Freezing

I swear sometimes this company drives me nuts. In the summer we had no air conditioning. Now, there's no heat. Of course they're "replacing" the chillers that should have been replaced during the summer when they were not working at all. Now, they're working, putting out heat like they should, but the decision has been made to switch them out now when the temp is down to 29 outside? WTH?? Don't they understand that people could get sick from sitting in cold temps all day? And working the front counter is worse because the door is open all day for customer. I hate being cold!!

January 22, 2009

Gypsy Afterglow is out now!!

GYPSY AFTERGLOW by Jennah Sharpe

Genre: Torrid Romance Contemporary

EBook formats ISBN: 978-1-60313-490-3

Trade paperback ISBN: 978-1-60313-491-0

Rating: Sensual Romance - Sensual

Brynn Parker was warned to stay away from the gypsies from her first summer in Spain. Ever since then, her curiosity has piqued her interest in a certain young Gitano. As she grows into a woman, her illicit involvement with Marco Kaldera becomes more intimate until she must return to her home country. Years later, through a mutual friend, a funeral and Marco’s fame, Brynn works to earn his forgiveness and convince him to love her once again. But…he belongs with the gypsies. Can the sacrifices they must endure to be together bond them forever?
Visit Jennah's website today!

January 21, 2009

I Found Him

This is Captain Montgomery, the hero in my civil war romance "Rebel Union". He'll be the perfect Union Captain. I can't wait to write about him. As soon as I'm done drooling over Stephen while writing "A Knight's Peace". *smile*

January 14, 2009

Part of My Story

Since I've committed to writing my story of Abuse I've been thinking a lot about my first marriage. Though I myself have not suffered "real" physical abuse I did suffer A LOT of emotional and psychological abuse.

My husband spent a lot of time telling me I was worthless and could never do anything right. He would wear a shirt one day that would be dirty when he got home on the few occasions he actually went to work, but the next day he would insist on that shirt again. Of course, when I would tell him he wore it the day before and it wasn't clean, it would be all my fault because I didn't wash it. The fact that we did not own a washer or dryer never entered his mind. In his mind I was supposed to anticipate that he would want it and wash it out in the bathtub that night then hang it on the shower to dry so it would be ready for him when he wanted it. I spent quite a bit of time in that marriage crying and trying to convince him that I was worth his love. Now, looking back I know it was not worth it, but at the time he was my husband and I loved him.

We also fought about money a lot. What few times he held a job the money he made would go toward buying drugs instead of paying bills or buying what the kids needed. There were to many times to count where he would come home from work, bring his paycheck, tell me to put it up for groceries or bills, then come the next day or so and want it all back because he needed a fix. And many times we pawned things we owned for him to get his fix.

The straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak, was my middle son's first birthday. My husband had gotten paid that week and I had planned a nice, very small, party for JWM. But the day before the party I was told to give the money back and that JWM didn't need a birthday party because he was only a year old. I had to sell some of our food stamps to my mother for enough money to buy a small gift from the dollar store and we only had cake and ice cream for the party. I finally realized that my children would be better off without him in their lives. So I left, and though it was hard and I almost went back a couple of times, I stuck it out and have done so much better for my kids than if I had stayed.

Unfortunately, I see some similarities between what my kids do and what their father did. Some people may not think of selfishness as a form of abuse, but I do. Especially when that selfishness could possibly deprive others. I'm sad to know that sometimes my kids are selfish and have to spend money on (or steal) things they don't really need (thankfully not drugs anymore - though a few times that has been an issue with them) because they feel they "need" them and they "deserve" them. And I can understand wanting things because you never had them in your life before. But I also realize that sometimes you have to sacrifice what you want right now for your family. Maybe those things can be gotten later when you've saved enough to buy them without putting a strain on your budget and without causing others in your life pain because you couldn't wait. I sacrificed a lot for my kids and I'd do it all again. But I tried my best to be patient when it came to things I wanted for myself. Someday I hope my own children will pay attention to the lessons I taught them and the sacrifices I made for them instead of only seeing and feeling what their father showed them in his short time with us.

January 13, 2009

Strange Dreams

I had the strangest dream last night. Or I should say early this morning before being awakened by KAM because CDM was sick all night and she didn't know what to do for her.

Anyway, I remember dreaming that I was riding a horse and watching some famous football player (have no idea who) argue with his girlfriend (but not fighting) and then I tried to ride the horse away and it fell over on top of me. I wasn't hurt but the girlfriend called out "Are you okay, Charlotte?" and I woke up.

Now, how weird is that? And what exactly is that dream supposed to mean? Am I overwhelmed by something? Maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me that if I want to be published I need to get off the horse and write!!

January 12, 2009

Cranky People

There must be something in the air because almost every person I've come in contact with this morning has been cranky, irritable or just plain mean. What's up with that? I mean, come on people, don't snap at me just because you woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

First, my husband got all bent out of shape because he needed a new book and I gave him the one I hadn't finished reading yet. He pulled the bookmark out and I teased him that I wouldn't be able to find my page when I got it back and he got all huffy. But he's straightened out okay now so it's all good.

Then, my daughter wouldn't get out of bed on time and was cranky because she didn't feel good and didn't want to go to school and now was late. Needless to say she got out of bed and ready for school in record time and is now okay.

Of course, the customers that have been coming in I haven't been able to straighten out so they're probably still in a bad mood. One even had to yell to get his point across (at least he thought so).

Hmmm...must be the full moon.

January 10, 2009

Weekend Warrior

I've been watching a lot of HGTV this week and I have to say this weeks Weekend Warrior is not only great with his hands but he's also not too bad to look at. And yes, Carter Can!!

January 09, 2009


It's Friday!!!! My first week back after vacation is almost over. Thank Goodness. I'm tired and can't wait to sleep in a little later tomorrow. And maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to catch up on all the writing I didn't do this week? I'll have to lock myself in the room with my computer and just do it.

January 08, 2009

5 Pages Per Day

Well, my goal was to write 5 pages per day in January for the JaNoWriMo over at Romance Divas, but I've fallen a bit short. I started off hitting the mark and then got sidetracked by returning to my "real" job and babysitting my grand-daughter in the evening.

But I'm determined to get back on track and stick with it. I have to finish the WIP by April so I can start a new one.

January 07, 2009

A Tender Rough by Fae Sutherland

When Mason Palmer's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, aka Dixon, Alabama, the only person who can help him get to his destination is mechanic Beau Gaines. However, as the days pass and the two forge a bond neither expected, Mason begins to learn that sometimes it isn't the destination that matters. It's the places you discover and the people who change your life on the way there.

On sale NOW at Ellora’s Cave!

Great Idea

I had a dream the other night that my BFF and I wrote a book about surviving Abuse. I even dreamed the title and It was a best seller. *smile*

I was so excited when I woke up that I immediately called her to tell her about it and before I knew it we were talking about all the things we'd put in the book. And a few minutes after I hung up she texted me a picture her daughter had drawn for the front cover. I loved it!!

So now I'm traveling down a portion of memory lane that's dark and a little scary. But it's for a good cause. Not only will I explore my past and put things to rest by revealing things that have never been told before, but I'll also hopefully help other women who've gone through some of those same things.

A few nights later I couldn't get to sleep so I got up and wrote the back blurb for the book, too. Now, most people write the book and then come up with a title and back blurb, but of course we had to be different. *laughs*

Now it's time to get to work!!!

January 06, 2009

I Got Nothing

Apparently I don't have any random thoughts today because I can't think of a single thing to blog about.

I'm watching "John and Kate Plus 8" and this woman just gets on my nerves. They had a set of twins then tried for one more baby and got six. This woman spends the entire show downing her husband and trying to make the kids stay spotless. Only she won't help keep them clean herself, she yells at her husband to do it.

It's one of those things you can't help but watch. My daughter-in-law KAM loves it and when she watches I get drawn in. But I want to strangle Kate.

Well, looks like I found something to blog about after all. LOL

January 05, 2009


ISBN Number: 978-1-897560-08-2

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: Category

Heat Index: Mild

Read an excerpt or buy it here!

Harley Taizer wasn't used to dealing with her greedy parents. They'd never wanted her and made it perfectly clear by giving her to her grandfather. It's funny how things change when money is involved. Discovering the trust fund her grandfather set up for her, her parents show up demanding the money be given to them. Afraid of just how far his son and daughter in-law will go to get it, her grandfather brings in a security specialist to help protect her.

Kasper Drake hasn't met a trust fund baby he liked, though he is one himself. Upon meeting his uncle's newest client he's willing to throw out all his preconceived notions out the window. He's trying to get Harley to admit to their fierce attraction when her father shows up demanding to know who Kasper is. She tells him that he's her fiancée. Kasper latches onto her lie hoping to make her see how good it could be.

Back from Vacation

I went back to work today after being off for a whole week. I *heart* vacation. I MISS vacation!!

A lot of changes are happening at work right now. We've taken on all advertising for the Jackson TN paper and we're going from a 7 day per week classified section to a 4 day per week classified section. Our advertisers are not happy and trying to convince them that going from the 7 days they were paying for down to the new 4 days with no cost reduction is going to be okay for them. It's not easy telling someone they're getting less for the same price.

At the same time we got no training on the advertising options for Jackson because our trainer was moved to sales at another newspaper. We have a list of what's available for the customer but no idea how to go about entering what they want in our system. It's a learn as you go process and it's driving me nuts. I'm not organized and ready for this and I can't stand it.

I know I'll be fine because I'm a fast learner but other sales reps are so confused. And they always come to me when they have issues they can't resolve themselves. Of course, I love the hectic pace when things change. Only I'm exhausted from enjoying my vacation so much.

January 04, 2009


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