April 28, 2010

Update on School Incident

Thankfully everything is settled and no one was hurt.

Apparently I got my point across when I picked HNM up and told the office what I thought of how they handled the situation. I know of at least one other parent who went off a little harder on them than I did. The principal called me this afternoon and tried to explain things. She swears it was not their intention to lie (technically it wasn't a lie according to her) to the parents. "We should have communicated better with the office." Uh...ya think?

They wanted to keep the kids calm and out of harms way and keep the parents from swarming the school. And while I understand that, at the same time I panicked more b/c my kid was in a situation that could have turned dangerous and I had to find out via the news channels and my daughter's text messages, while the school is telling me a completely different story. And the school still has not sent out an email or a mass phone call to the parents.

But I'm much calmer than I was earlier and I'm glad they found the kids and the gun and got them out of the school and away from the other students.

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