February 08, 2011

Plans Change

I've been feeling a little down lately. It's 2011 and I had such high hopes for this year. So far everything has changed.

I had planned our family reunion to be in May, but had to change it to September because HNM is having her baby in June and & she can't travel that far at that stage.

I had planned to go to RWA Nationals in New York City, but again HNM is having her baby in June and I can't leave her that soon after she had it. Besides, the money would be way too much for me to come up with at this late date.

I had planned to go to my local RWA Writer's Group yearly Retreat in March, but KAM and the kids are coming home that weekend so I can't leave them alone at home when they first get back. I haven't seen them since November so I want to be there when they get home.

It just seems like everything I've planned for this year is being put on hold and that's not a good thing since 2010 was such a crappy year. I was so hoping this year would be better. But then again. The things that I'm putting everything on hold for will be great. So, guess I should just buck up and enjoy myself. I'm gonna have babies in the house again!

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