July 21, 2011

To Cable or Not To Cable

So we're trying to decide what luxuries we can live without and which make like so easy we have to keep them.

Our cell phones we have to keep in case of emergencies, but I think once we're up for our New Every Two in December we're going to downgrade to phones that don't require the data package. It's not necessary to be so connected to the world that our every waking moment is consumed by email & internet.

Now, the cable on the other hand is another matter. We're signed up on a Triple Play with Comcast which is supposed to save us money by giving us Cable, Internet & a Home Phone for a lower price than their individual prices. Which was fine 2 years ago when we had kids at home & we needed the phone to be able to contact them. But now, Comcast tells me that we can go up to a better package and pay more OR we can take off the Home Phone (which we never ever ever use) and pay retail price for Cable & Internet which would cost us the same as the Triple Play. Ummm...the idea is to SAVE money...

There's a package for "Current Customers" that's available ONLY to customers who want to upgrade from either just internet OR just cable & include the one they don't currently have. It's a great deal, but WE CAN'T HAVE IT BECAUSE WE HAVE THE TRIPLE PLAY? Tell me how that can possibly be fair to long time customers who pay their bills on time every single month, including all the extra fees that are tacked on that we don't even know what they're for?

And another thing. Regular internet service is about $30. We have the "faster" internet & pay about $45. I learned yesterday we also have a $10 fee for our internet being faster! It seems to me if I'm paying a higher rate for faster internet I shouldn't be charged a "faster internet fee".

Anyway. The question is: Can we live without cable & just have internet only OR is cable a necessity with babies in the house? What do you think?

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