July 25, 2011

Nice Weekend

Ahh...it was such a nice weekend.

Saturday MJM & I went to KY to visit his parents. It was an awesome day. We had lunch at Olive Garden, tried to see Harry Potter but it was sold out, & had dessert at a place called Stakz, a great do-it-yourself yogurt shop. First you choose the flavor you want, then you fill your bowl with as much as you want. Then you add whatever toppings you want including candy bars, cereal, pop tarts, sprinkles, gummy bears & dozens of other things. The cost is determined by weight so you can pay quite a bit if you add a little of everything! But it was so worth it. They really need one in Nashville!

Sunday we spent at home doing absolutely nothing. Well, I did the laundry & bought groceries, but other than that I did nothing at all. It was great.

Of course, now it's back to work. Another week is here & time to "make the donuts".

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