June 23, 2009

The 11th Annual Melody of Love Needs You!

Your manuscript, that is. The entry period for our small, intimate RWA chapter romance novel contest is drawing to a close (receipt deadline July 2) and we have more space, particularly in the historical and paranormal categories. The judges are trained, electronic entries are welcome, and you DO NOT have to include a synopsis in the first round!

While finalists may be asked to send their industry professional judge a synopsis, they also get a chance to polish their partials before submission and consult with the chapter's resident Grammar Wench if desired. This year judges & categories are: Contemporary: Johanna Raisanen, Harlequin/Silhouette; Paranormal: Michelle Grajkowski, 3 Seas Literary Agency; Historical: Barbara Poelle, Irene Goodman
Literary Agency.

Find out the entry details at www.mcrw.com and ask any questions at contest@mcrw.com

Good luck!

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