August 01, 2008

You'd think I'd blog once in awhile about all the different people I see here at work. But I guess my funny bone just hasn't kicked in yet. This writing thing, while not exactly new, is still a little daunting. I want to be funny, but I haven't quite got the hang of it yet. But let me try and tell you a bit about some of the characters I see every day.

We have one customer who comes in every month to pay his bill who dresses a little out of the norm. He's an older man, somewhere in his 70s. He always wears the same thing; a faded light blue button up shirt and a pair of faded blue pants (the kind my grandfather used to wear). Now, you know that when a woman dresses she has to match her shoes to her handbag, right? Well, this gentleman doesn't carry a handbag, but he does match his shoes to his outfit. A nice pair of blue pumps. I kid you not. The first time he came in we didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Until he started to walk out after his payment was made. We heard this nice little clip, clip, clip as he walked out. None of us could believe it. We determined to get a picture next time, but we're always too late or too busy. Maybe next time.

We have another guy who comes in who's just a bit OCD. And my partner gets creeped out by him because there is obviously something serious going on in his pants. There's a large object (we have no idea what it could possibly be) down the length of his leg. His hand is usually in his pocket on that side and he pulls out wet money. It's a bit gross. The OCD part comes after he's made his payment. He has to count the change several times both in his hand and by laying it down on the counter, then picking it up again. After he leaves he always goes to the paper boxes outside and open/closes them one at a time until he's satisfied that they're all the same. He then gets in his car and places his receipt on the dash, takes it off, replaces it several times, before he leaves the parking lot. Very strange guy.

These are just a couple of examples. There are many others, not to mention the ones I encountered while riding the bus this past winter when my car broke down. Let me just say that long brown fur coats and purple suede shoes were seen more than once.

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