August 02, 2008

It's Finally Happened; I've Gone Nuts

Either I'm senile or just plain crazy.

I took 2 teenagers to the mall to shop for back to school clothes. That was my first mistake. And apparently not paying attention to where I parked the car was my second. We got our shopping done and stopped at the food court for lunch. No problems all day, we got along with no arguing or pestering or crying; at least until I realized how much I spent. lol

Then we left from the same door we entered and couldn't find our car. We searched for 30 minutes, all 3 of us going up and down each aisle at least 3 times each. It was funny when I first realized I couldn't remember where I parked. Then it just got old. I knew I had parked there. I drove in one aisle, turned down another and parked on the right hand side. But now my car was not where I left it.

So, I went back inside the mall to alert security. They were very nice, asked what kind of car it was, then one of them went to look for it. Another put the kids and me in a car and drove us around to see if we could spot it. I was very frustrated by then. We stopped on one aisle to wait for some people to back out and others to pull in (it was really packed). My daughter piped up from the back seat "Mom, can I get out and see if that's our car?" Of course I proceded to tell her that could not be our car because I did not park anywhere near there. The security guard rolled down the window and I hit the panic button just to show them it was not my car.

And guess what happened? The alarm went off. I had parked my car 3 aisles away from where the kids and I were looking for it. Yep, I have definitely lost it.

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