August 14, 2008

Sons of Silence

I read an article in Ladie's Home Journal this morning about a mother whose sons tend not to give more than one syllable answers when asked about something. Her family mirrors my own in that she has 2 older sons and a younger daughter and none of mine give much information either. If I want to know something about them I have to either force them to tell me by locking them in the car with me so they can't get away or ask their friends. Why is it that teenagers think they know everything when in fact they haven't a clue about anything? I don't remember being that way, but then that was a long time ago and I do tend to block out parts of my childhood that I don't care to

Now that my oldest is over the teenage years he is beginning to open up and talk to me more, but I'm still waiting on the two youngest to hit that peak. I look forward to hearing all the things they have going on in their lives; something I don't get near enough of now.

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