October 27, 2010

Things, They are a'Changing.

Well, looks like my worries have paid off, so to speak. I'll be moving back to the "hole", in the dark, away from the big, sunny windows at the front counter. My manager informed me today that beginning on Monday I'll move back to the classified department and my partner, Amy will be manning the front counter all by herself.

I'm not happy about the change, but at least there are some good things in it for me. Like, I can focus more on my incoming calls and hopefully make goal more often which means more money for me. Then there are the not so good things like I still have to take care of any walk-in customers, only now I have to walk in from the other room, take the customer back to my desk & enter their ad, then walk them back up front to pay for it. Makes no sense to me, but I'm just a peon so my opinion doesn't count.

Now, Amy, on the other hand, has nothing good to come of the whole situation. She'll be taking care of all customer who walk in the door, with no help from anyone. Security is usually gone a good bit of the day making rounds or whatever so anyone who comes through the front door would have to be taken care of by Amy. That means anyone. Even the weirdos and crazies. I feel bad for her and wish I could do something but of course that's not possible.

Why do the "powers that be" make decisions that affect the people who do the work, without knowing exactly how that person will be affected?

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