October 14, 2010

SFoB Was A Hit!!

The Southern Festival of Books was awesome last weekend!

Saturday I attended a panel called "Seduced, Tangled and Corrupted: Three Mysteries" with J.T. Ellison, Libby Fisher Hellmann, Erica Spindler. These women were great. I've ready all of J.T's books and loved them. I got a copy of Erica's book "Blood Vines" and can't wait to get started on that one. They were all wonderful speakers, funny & witty, and I enjoyed the session very much.

After this session I attended "Spies on Both Sides: True Stories of Civil War Spies" with Gail Jarrow & Camilla Wilson. I guess I expected this one to be more than it was. The spies they discussed were ones I'd read about in other books and there was nothing new to add. The topic was one I'm interested in but the presentation was a bit on the boring side.

Sunday was the MCRW panel. These women are a great bunch and I'm glad to be a part of their group. "Cops, Kilts and Vampires: The Many Faces of Romance" with Trish Milburn, Jennie Bentley, Ramona Richards, Annie Solomon, Jody Wallace, and Beth Pattillo was an awesome session. I bought a book by each and got the ladies to sign them for me. Now my TBR pile is higher than it's been in a while and I'm loving it. Can't wait to get through them all.

Next year's Southern Festival of Books can't get here soon enough for me! But in the meantime I've got Book-In-A-Day with Deb Dixon this weekend. How exciting!!

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