August 30, 2010

Still No Baby

KAM was supposed to be induced this morning, but military hospitals must only be prepared for 1 pregnant woman at a time. She was told to all this morning at 5:30, but they told her to call back at 7. she called back at 7 and was told to call back at 8. When she called at 8 she was told that someone had come in sick and they had to take care of her before KAM could come in so it might be 11 or 12. So, now we're waiting to find out if it's even going to happen today.

This makes absolutely no sense to me. If you're going to be induced your doctor makes an appointment with the hospital for a bed for you. You go in, you have an IV put in and the medication is injected. Soon you have contractions and sometime after that you have your baby. This hospital has you call them to see if you can come in or not. How stupid is that?

So, now we're playing the waiting game. Poor KAM is tired and anxious and these people are playing games with her emotions. Not Good! Grrrr!!!!

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