August 29, 2010

Great Finds

I went "yardsaling" yesterday. There were several near the house here and they were all uphill. It seems like everything in this part of town is on a hill. But I got good exercise and I found a couple of really cool items.

This old antique typewriter doesn't work, but I bought it for decoration in my office, not to use, so it works out.

After a couple more places didn't have the one thing I was looking for, I went to a consignment store that used to be located here in Bellevue, but which is now over in Rivergate. And that's where I found it. The rocker I've been looking for. Sure I could buy a brand new one, but those aren't as well made or as sturdy as the older ones. So, I picked this great chair up for less than $100. Awesome find! And now I'm ready for the new baby.

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