August 20, 2010

It's Almost Time

Well, it's just about that time. My DIL is about to give birth for the 2nd time. That's right. I'm gonna be grandma again soon. This time it's a boy & they're gonna name him Mason. They haven't agreed on a middle name yet. JAM wants Wrigley after Wrigley field & KAM wants something else but she's not sure just what yet. Personally I want Mason James, but I am a little prejudiced about that.

KAM went into labor earlier this week, but she was sent home to walk because she wasn't dilated enough yet. The contractions stopped after she tripped and almost fell, but they've started up again today. With any luck we'll have a new baby boy to spoil in a few days.

And I'll post pics as soon as he gets here.

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