April 27, 2009

Prom was this weekend and of course I got pics. My son Josh's girlfriend is a Sr this year and my daughter Hallie is a Jr. I remember both my proms.

Jr year I didn't buy a dress (we borrowed from someone) and I didn't have a date so my mom fixed me up with her friend's son down the street. He didn't go to my school & I didn't know him well, but he was a sweet boy. I'll definitely never forget it. We went to prom and did the obligatory things; dinner, dancing, pics, socializing. But after prom was most memorable. We pulled up to his house first so he could change out of his tux. When he got back in the car he backed into a very deep ditch and had to get the tractor to pull it out (we lived in the middle of nowhere). Then, after that was done and I was able to change clothes, we went to the next town over for bowling (I'm such a fun-loving gal). When we were ready to go home we got out to the car and realized he'd locked the keys inside. We had to call his mom to come unlock the doors. Yep, those were good times! I was more intimidating than I thought.

Sr prom was different. I was dating the kids father. My mom bought me this beautiful dress (ordered from the Sears catalog). It was white with red trim & Joey had a white tux with red vest & bow tie. We went to dinner with my friend Tammy & her date (she was in a different school) and she and Joey got into a huge argument because they really couldn't stand each other. Once we got to prom it was nice and we ate & had pics made, but left before the dancing. We went to hang out with some of his friends and I was home by midnight curfew, but he was drunk by then. You'd think I would have paid attention & not married him, but you know what they say, "Love is Blind".

But all in all I do have memories I'll take with me forever. I'm hoping my kids have better memories to look back on when they're kids are ready for prom.

This is my daughter Hallie & her date Ricky.

This is my son Josh & his date Ashlee.

And this is the whole gang before they left the house.


December said...

oh they look so nice!! I love the matching tie/ dress combo!

My proms were less then spectacular.
My Jr Prom I went with a group of singal gals.
My senior prom I had the Chicken pox.

My Writer's Attic said...

Maybe someday your kids will throw you a prom. Kinda like Cliff & Claire Huxtable on The Cosby Show. lol