April 01, 2009

Are You a Prankster?

I've never been much on pulling practical jokes on people. In fact most of the pranks are usually pulled on me. But yesterday, as a pre-April Fool's Day joke, my co-worker and I decided to pull one off.

Here at work we seem to have a bit of a parking issue. We have designated parking in what we call "the gulch". It's gated but it's also a short (less than 1/4 mile) to the building. Everyone hates parking down there so they come up with excuses every day to park in the front of the building. The only way you're supposed to park in front is if you have a medical condition that warrants temporarily parking directly across the street or in front of the building.

On Monday evening I stumped my pinky toe and it was still sore Tuesday morning. I was laughing and telling my co-worker about it and she decided we'd pull a prank on the security officer we work with every day. She typed out a "doctor's note" that said I'd broken my toe and when he got really worked up over people parking where they're not supposed to I told him about my toe and handed him the note.

Instead of reading the note closely (because he trusted me) he took it back to his manager for approval. When he came back without seeing his manager because of a meeting we finally told him what we'd done. He got a kick out of it when he finally read the note and it had my co-worker's name as the doctor and our work address for the doctor's office. And he was in a better mood the rest of the day so I guess in a small way we did a good deed.

I can't believe I was actually able to pull it off without smiling but I was actually pretty convincing. And that's the one and only practical joke I've every played.

What about you? Are you a prankster?

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