April 07, 2009

Stripping for Charity

Every year Nashville has the Southern Women's Show at the convention center. Vendors set up to sell everything from clothes, shoes and purses to sunrooms, stone walkways and gardening supplies. There are make-up demonstrations, cooking demonstrations and wall to wall women just hanging out with their friends, mothers, daughters and sisters.

But the best part of the entire weekend is the Nashville Fire Department. The show lasts from Thursday to Sunday and every evening some of the firemen from NFD strut their stuff. They model tuxes from a local shop (for all of about 2 seconds before stripping from the waist up) and then change into their uniforms. They come back on stage and dance while the women stuff money in their pants. They never go past the waist and it's all for charity.

The money they collect goes directly to fire victims and the families of fallen firemen. They raise thousands of dollars every year and give all the women of Nashville a chance to do something some of them would probably never do otherwise.

I love watching the guys, of course, but what really gets me is the other women. These women can get vicious. The guys throw T-shirts into the crowd and the women fight for them. I thought a couple of times there would be punches thrown as well, but they calmed down. And this year there was a bidding war over one T-shirt a fireman tore off himself. Of course, he also promised the highest bidder a kiss...lol

It's great fun and my daughter and my best friend go every year. What better way to spend a weekend?

Here's a pic of my friend and me after the show. How's that for entertainment?

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