March 27, 2009

Random Weekend Plans

Been a little busy this week; researching, reading, studying the craft and, of course, writing. I've got most of the character sketch for the heroine of my current WIP and I'll be working on a sketch for the hero this weekend. I've got a few scenes worked out and I'll be working on the outline next.

Also this weekend I'll be taking my daughter to pick out a prom dress. She's a Jr this year and excited to be going. I think we'll borrow a dress for this year and buy next year for Sr Prom. She doesn't really care as long as she gets to get all dressed up. She's a bit of a girly-girl. Unlike me, she has to fix her hair and put on her make-up before leaving the house. Me, I don't particularly care if I'm wearing sweats or old jeans and my hair's in a ponytail.

My husband is heading down to Alabama this weekend to play paintball with some of his buddies. Too bad there are storms headed our way for the next couple days. But I'm sure he'll have a good time whether he gets muddy or not. They'll hang out in the hotel (they used to camp but have decided they're getting too old for and do whatever male bonding rituals guys do when they're out with they're buds.

What are your plans for this weekend?

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