March 03, 2009

There's Something in the Air Today

We have had some strange happenings today here at the front counter. This is why I like this spot so much. I get to see things here that I'd miss behind closed doors. Sometimes it gets a little hairy but I like it; more fodder for storytelling.

We had a guy come in looking for his mother. He's done this before and usually he's drunk or high or whatever. He's about my age I guess, his mother works here and he wants us to call her out to give him money. One day last year, security wasn't at his post so I had to deal with the guy and when his mother didn't get out here as quickly as he wanted her, he jumped at me yelling he wanted her now. Of course he was escorted off the property and told never to come back, but because his mother is well liked, they usually just warn him and make him leave instead of calling the cops. He hasn't been back in a while; until today.

Today he came in and security met him at the door, telling him to leave. He tried to argue at first but finally left. About 5, maybe 10, minutes later someone from the department his mother works in called security to tell them the guy was in the building. Of course security went looking for him but couldn't find him. Another hour passed and the supervisor back in that department caught the guy and had security come get him. They escorted him out and made sure he and his mother both knew the police would be called if he set foot on the property again.

And this is only one crazy today. I haven't begun to tell about the one's who want this done or that done; knowing full well that's not our procedures. All in all it's been a crazy day.

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Melissa Marsh said...

Yet another reason I am incredibly glad that I never have to deal with the public at my job. :-)

I do have lots of stories from when I was a bank teller, though!