May 04, 2009


April was a busy month and May won't be much slower. We're implementing a new front end system at work and I'm on the committee for testing & training.

We've been meeting for about three weeks and we're finally ready to start testing to make sure everything works the way it's supposed to. But before we can test we have to train the testers. And it looks like that's going to be my job.

I've created PowerPoints and will be showing those at tomorrow's session. I've never taught a class before, but there are so many people we need to train that I'll pretty much being teaching for the next month and probably beyond. We go live on May 31st and between now and then we have to test every possible scenario and we have to train about 100 people on how to use the system.

During this process I think I've discovered something about myself. Actually I've probably always known it but for some reason it's never really sunk in before. I love chaos. I thrive on being busy and learning new things. And I love being the go-to person once I've learned those new things. That's why I'm always the one that everyone calls when they have a question or when they have something about the system they don't understand. And that's why I'm patient with them when they ask questions that we've gone over dozens of times already. I love the chaos!

So bring it on! I can handle it!!

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December said...

Good luck to you~ I lose my patience pretty quickly with questions!