May 15, 2009

This past month has been so busy. I'm on the team for upgrading out new front end system in advertising and have been working hard to get everything ready. We're testing every scenario we can think of to hopefully catch any problems before we go live on May 31st. In addition to that I created training materials and am conducting training classes for all advertising reps because the system has a much different look and feel than the last version.

On top of all that I've been writing every single day for 15 days straight. I'm exciting because even though my word count is still low the story seems to be going very well since I scrapped what I had started before and just decided to try a new angle. So far, so good!

My daughter-in-law and granddaughter came back home this week and I've been spending time enjoying that. I'd say all-in-all things are going very well for me right now.

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