December 01, 2008

The House

Explain a dream you’ve had recently without using the words “I” or “me”. (with a few embellishments)

The house sat on the corner of Elm and Hickory, surrounded by a black wrought iron fence with little curly cue’s across the middle. The yard was overgrown and the paint was chipped and peeling. It wasn’t a particularly scary house, but the history of it was definitely juicy.

Mamie and Ashley Fellows grew up there and since Ashley’s death in 1965 Mamie had not left the house at all. Over the years servants had come and gone and rumors had spread as to the lonely inhabitant of the house. It seemed Mamie was not completely alone; young Ashley kept her company.

Melinda was sixteen when she moved to Evansville. The first time she passed the house on her way to school she fell in love and had to know more about it. Everyone she met was more than happy to tell her about the house and its history. The more she learned the more she wanted to see for herself.

Late one night Melinda and a young boy named David, who had lived in Evansville all his life, snuck into the house from an outside cellar door. They were eager to see Ashley for themselves but knew that if Mamie caught them they’d be in more trouble than either of them wanted to think about.

The inside of the house was just as run down as the outside. Since servants were hard to come by and Mamie was so old, the dust was caked on the furniture and cobwebs were abundant. Neither Melinda nor David realized they were leaving tracks behind them.

A scream tore through the house causing the hair on Melinda’s neck to stand on end. They stopped at the bottom of a curved staircase and looked up as a young girl in a mini dress and knee boots ran across the balcony overhead. As if an unseen force pushed her from behind, she fell over the railing to the wood floor below and disappeared. Before the two could catch their breath and gauge one another’s reaction, the scene unfolded before them again; the same girl, the same scream, the same fall to the floor below. Over and over Ashley, for it could only be Ashley, fell to her death.

Not once did they see Mamie come from her room to see what was happening. Having lived with it her entire life she probably no longer heard it. But Melinda and David could not believe what they were seeing. Ashley was killed in her own home. But why was she “reliving” her murder over and over? Melinda was determined to find out.

They left the house the same way they had entered and nearly a week went by before Melinda could get back in.

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