December 16, 2008

Blue Christmas

Christmas is almost here. I haven't put up our tree yet b/c I'm afraid CDM might pull it over on top of herself. I'll probably put it up this weekend since Christmas is next week but I'm not really feeling it this year. Since the kids are all grown up and going their own way (JAM is in Iraq and can't be with us) now I just don't feel the draw that I felt when they were smaller. It's all about the gift now and not about the surprise like it used to be. I'll have CDM this year and that will make it a little better, but with the economy the way it is even she won't be getting as much as I'd like to give her.

Apparently I'm feeling a little nostalgic and depressed that I'm growing older and the kids are moving on with their lives. I know I'll get over it and Christmas will be great, but in the meantime I'm wallowing. So, sue me!


December said...

GAH - don't remind me - its NEXT WEEK! GAAH!!!

Anonymous said...

It's so soon. I don't have one present. My kids are under ten. But like you said, "So sue me." It's my tradition to buy gifts late. Keeps me feeling alive.

My Writer's Attic said...

I'm feeling a bit Bah! Humbug!! But hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!