December 12, 2008

Come Over to the Dark Side

I've finally done it. I've brought my husband to the dark side.

He was searching the house for a book to take to work with him to read when he's between loads and I gave him a copy of Karen Rose's book "I'm Watching You" and he says he really likes it. Of course he did say it took him a bit to get over the fact that men investigating serious crimes are looking at possible victims and thinking how hot they are. But the detective work and the crime scene information has him drawn in and he can't put it down.

I've tried for years to convert readers over to Romance, but no one seems to want to believe that there are such great authors out there in the Romance Genre. There's a serious misconception that Romance is a bad genre to read but I, and all other Romance readers, know that the Romance genre is the best selling genre in all of the publishing industry.

And now, there is one more believer added to our group!!

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