October 01, 2008

Time Flies By

I’ve been feeling very nostalgic in the past year. Perhaps it’s that I’m turning 40 on my next birthday or perhaps it’s because I just miss “the good old days”, but I think about my past a lot. There are a lot of things I wish I’d done different. I wish I’d gone to college like I spent my entire childhood looking forward to. But I chose to get married and give up college to be with my husband. As it turns out the only thing good about that decision was my kids. They are the one thing in my life that I’m glad I have. No matter what happens they will always be the light of my life.
They’re growing up now and I feel the empty nest syndrome coming on full force. JAM is already married with a 1 yr old daughter for me to spoil. JWM will turn 18 in three weeks and will surely choose to move out not long after. And baby HNM will soon be 17. The time flies by so quickly and when you look back you can’t see where on earth it went. I miss being the center of their world, but at least I know they will always be the center of mine.

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Rene said...

I think we all look back to the past with regrets. Mine is from 8th grade. I should have taken algebra when it was offered rather than slacking in easier math.

Sigh...by the time I get to an empty nest, I'll be moving to the old folk's home. I'm 41 with a 1st grader. I can only dream of suffering from empty nest syndrome.