October 30, 2008

Great Trip

It's been a great week. I flew to San Antonio and had a great time at CDM's birthday party. There were lots of people, cake, a clown, a pinata and lots of gifts for her 1st birthday. She's totally adorable and absolutely the cutest kid on earth. LOL

On Monday we got in the car and drove from San Antonio to Nashville, TN; about 1000 miles. We had to stop over in AR to sleep because we just couldn't bring ourselves to drive any longer. We got home Tuesday evening and went to bed early. I was exhausted!

And Surprise! Surprise! Yesterday afternoon JAM came home from Iraq for his 2 week leave. I'm so excited. I've got the entire family here and I'm loving every minute of it. And we're going to have another small party for CDM on Saturday for those here who couldn't be in San Antonio for the big party. It's gonna be great.

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