March 31, 2010

Flight Fiasco - UPDATE

Ok, so I went to the Airport to straighten things out & make sure everything was right.

Stupid people had my husband's name wrong and it has to match or he couldn't board the plane in May. The boy who was helping me had to call someone to tell him how to fix it. Then I asked him to make sure we had seat assignments & he said we did but it didn't guarantee a seat on the flight. Apparently it's their policy to overbook "just in case someone doesn't show up". So, I told him I didn't want to be bumped from this flight & that I wanted to make sure we'd have a seat. I was trying to be very calm b/c he was just a kid and didn't know what he was doing but at least he was trying to help.

Well, the woman at the next check-in line butted in and said if I didn't want to be bumped for me not to volunteer to be bumped. That's when I started seeing red again. So, I said, "Umm, I didn't ask to be bumped the last time, you people just did it and that's why we've got these tickets we apparently have to jump through hoops to use." She didn't didn't like that much, but she didn't say anything else about it.

The boy finally got everything done and was about to print out what we needed so I'd have it for my records, when she piped up again and asked where DH was. When I told her he was at work, she said he had to be there & I couldn't take care of his ticket for him. I'd already been there almost an hour already so I was getting more ticked off by the second.

I called my husband who got totally pissed and was about to leave work and come take care of the whole mess himself, when a supervisor told the boy to go ahead and do it anyway.

If DH'd had to come down there and I'd had to wait another hour before he got there to handle this I'm afraid we'd both be on the 5 o'clock news. I will never, ever, under any circumstances voluntarily fly this airline again. I'll pay double somewhere else first.

I hate dealing with stupid people.

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