August 13, 2009

Random Stuff

Check out a new letter from Silla over at Silla's Secret.

It's another beautiful day. The sun is shining and it's not too hot. With any luck it will stay this way a few days.

Work is going ok. I'm training a new hire this week. Although, I still haven't figured out why we need extra help. The phone's aren't that busy as far as I know. Of course, I'm not on them as much as anyone else is, either.

Home is good. JAM is home, the baby is doing great, Josh is working hard and Hallie is a Sr this year. Life is going very well.

Writing is slow, though. I can't seem to do the BICHOK thing. I tell myself every day that I'll sit and write, but when it comes time to do it there is always something else I need to do.

What do you do to keep your Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard?

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