August 31, 2009

I Gotta Get Our More

My legs are so sore. And all I did was climb a few stairs! Saturday night I went with a friend to the Keith Urban/Sugarland concert at the Sommet Center and Sunday morning my left leg was hurting like I'd walked the stairmaster for an hour.

Our seats weren't that great; top of the building in the nosebleed section. We took the escalator up to the 3rd floor and walked around the building to our section. Then we only climbed about 20 stairs. Of course they were VERY steep and we went up and down 3 times because we couldn't find our seats. I can't figure out why it would hurt so much!

My exercise schedule sucks. I never used to have to work at being thin. Now every thing I put in my mouth goes straight to my tummy and hips. What happens when you get past 35? Is there like some sort of sensor that goes off and won't allow you to eat what you used to? I mean, come on. Can't I at least keep the one vice I have? I need my chocolate for goodness sake. I don't smoke, I don't drink. I gotta have something.

But maybe the key is just to get out more. Get up off my hiney and do something! How about you? Any exercise woes?

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