February 12, 2009


Ok. I'm feeling a bit better today; not quite so grumpy. People are still getting on my nerves but I'm handling it better than the rest of the week.

As you know from a previous post everyone in our company has to take a full week off with no pay. Well, now there's a rumor that all hourly employees will have to take a full day off work with no pay every pay period until further notice. Hourly workers can't afford to take a day off with no pay. Now, I know salaried workers can't afford it either, but they're not being affected so that's neither here nor there.

Maybe the reason I'm so burned out at work is because I'm feeling less than appreciated here. I know the economy is down and things are looking bleak for everyone, but it's a pain in the butt when the MEDIA company you work for hides things and refuses to be honest with their employees until rumors make their way online and force them to open up. Then report in their news articles that other companies are cutting back & laying off but make no mention of their own issues.

Oops. There I go getting grumpy again.

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