November 26, 2008

To My BFF!!

Today is the perfect day for me to walk down memory lane. My best friend turns 40 today. She's only 2 months older than I am (and of course I remind her of that every year) so today I put her picture in the paper. Nothing too horrible and the picture did include me, too.

We've known each other for 35 years. Now that's a lot of memory lane. We've been there for each other during every moment, both good and bad. She held my hand when my first love broke my heart. She was there when my children were born and when I divorced my first husband. She tried to talk me out of my second marriage (definitely should have listened to that one) and she helped dry my tears when I had to face the most horrible time of my life.

There has been love, laughter and tears in our friendship, but not once have we ever drifted apart. She's the rock I stand on when I need solid ground and I will always be grateful that she's in my life.


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