November 18, 2008

I'm Back!

I've been away for awhile dealing with family stuff. But now I'm back and ready to get going again. Tuesday is my random day so let's be random.

My son came home from Iraq for a 2 week visit and my daughter-in-law and grand-daughter moved back to Nashville. I'm so excited to have them back with me. JAM left yesterday to go back to Iraq to finish his tour but I still have KAM and CDM to keep me company.

It was lonely at their new apt last night so KAM and CDM came back to the house and spent the evening with us. I'm glad she feels comfortable with our family and I'm glad she wants to be here with us. It's going to be great having them in our lives.

My best friend turns 40 this month and then I follow after her in a couple more months. When I was a teenager this age seemed so much older to me. Now I realize that I'm not getting older, I'm getting better. At least in some areas. I still have a few issues to work on with my weight and exercising that I didn't have to bother with when I was younger, but other than that, my life is finally going like I've wanted it to for years.

My kids are growing up and for the most part they'll be able to handle anything that comes their way as adults. I have a wonderful husband who loves me and who I love dearly. And I still have a job (even if I don't know how long it will last). So, all in all, I'm just plain thankful for everything in my life!!

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