July 21, 2010

Random Stuff

Whew! It's been a month. I've been sick since I got home from Seattle in June and finally made it to the dr last week. The meds he gave me made me sick to my stomach and unable to sleep at night, but I'm on my last day with them and am feeling a bit better now. Nothing like a summer cold to stick around forever.

HNM has knee problems so I've been taking her to the dr, too. The first dr she saw didn't do a good job in my opinion. He didn't do x-rays or bloodwork before he put her on the meds, then after the meds didn't help he decided to run tests. Only the bloodwork didn't take because the steroids he put her on affected their outcome so that now he doesn't know if it's an infection or the meds. He finally sent her to the orthopedist and we're not scheduled for an MRI on Saturday. He seems to think it's the cartilage beneath the kneecap. It's supposed to cupped with an opening on the bottom, but he says hers might be solid instead of open and he wants the MRI to make sure. If that's what it is, then he'll have to insert a scope inside her knee on either side to scrape it down to where it's supposed to be. Doesn't sound fun to me, but if it will help her with the pain and swelling then I'm all for it.

We're still waiting on FEMA, too. We were denied at first because we live in a condo and they automatically deny that. So, we had to file an appeal and we're still waiting on a decision from that. We were also denied an SBA loan so if we don't get FEMA to help, then I don't know what we'll do. We can't afford to put all new duct work under our house and the heat is only going to get worse. Of course, we'll figure it out like we always do.

Next week is vacation. I'm still disappointed I can't go to Orlando for the RWA conference, but at least I still get a vacation. And maybe next year I can go to New York City for the conference. That would be awesome. Staying right on Times Square. Fun! I'm looking forward to that one now!

So, instead of conference I'm going to AR to visit my parents. It's their 25th anniversary so we're gonna have cake and spend the day together. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

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