January 07, 2010

Ah! The humor of it all!

For the past couple of days the weather service has been predicting a 90% chance of 1-4 inches of snow for our area. There were runs on the grocery stores so people could stock up on Milk, Bread & Eggs. They filled their propane tanks and made sure their generators were working properly. This is the south and no one knows how to drive when it snows (well, they can't drive under normal conditions either, but that's another story), so they take every precaution they can in case they can't get out of their homes for a couple of days.

The school's closed due to the threat of incliment weather and kids were doing the happy dance all evening while parents were fretting over how to keep them warm when they went out to play in all the beautiful wet white stuff we'd have come morning.

This morning, we wake up to...NOTHING! Not a single flake could be seen from my window while I was preparing for work. Not a single flake fell while I drove to work. And not a single flake has fallen since I've been sitting here at my desk.

Don't you just love God's sense of humor?!?! Personally I think it's funny that he looks down on us and says, "Hmmm...wonder if I can make them run to the store for items they can't use if the power goes out? How about snow in the south? That should do it!"

Have a great "No Snow" day, everyone!!

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