November 09, 2009

NaNo Angst

Ok, so I've had to ditch Nano. Well, I'm still writing, but I'm not really participating even though I signed up and am supposed to be officially working it. My laptop died and I can't post my final words when it's over. So, even if I write it all out long hand, which I'm doing, there's no way for me to prove my wordcount at the end.

So, I'm writing but I'm not participating. Of course, I'll still have the satisfaction of knowing I did it!!


December said...

I had to re prioritize and I won't be able to do it either.
It makes me sad, becuase it was such a rush last year to watch those numbers fly by.

My Writer's Attic said...

I'd love to see any numbers fly by. I sit down to write but can't seem to get anything past the jumble in my head. But any little bit helps and at least I'm not distracted by surfing the net now. See, there is a bright side. :-)