January 22, 2014

2014 & Faith

Time to get back to it. It seems when I was writing blog posts every day or every other day at least I was writing. Now, not so much.

2013 Ended with a horrible bang (and not the good horrible). My dad who has been by dad since I was 16 years old, was killed in a car accident. We buried him 2 days before Christmas. I spent New Year's with my family trying to find a way to live with knowing we'd never see him again. So, yeah, 2013 can just bite it.

2014 doesn't look to pick up anytime soon. My mother-in-law is very sick and we spend a lot of time worrying about her. And I constantly worry that my own mother will be ok. I'm trying to leave it all in the hands of God, but it's not always easy to put aside those worries and just have faith. Of course, worrying doesn't make it any better either.

And my writing has suffered. I can't seem to concentrate and nothing comes out right. Again, I need to have faith. This time in myself.

So, I'm going to take 2014 by the horns and hold on for dear life. I'm not making any "resolutions" but I'm going to try my best to at least get things back in order. Wish me luck.

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