December 13, 2011


Well, Christmas is almost here & I haven't bought a single gift. But that's not unusual for me. There are only two things I seem to procrastinate on with any regularity; Writing & Christmas Shopping. They do get done in the end, however ,so I'm not completely without hope.

Since this is the last full shopping weekend before Christmas I'll get it all done on Saturday. I know what I'm getting, mostly, so it shouldn't take all day. Thank goodness for that because I hate fighting the crowds. And you know there will be crowds. It is Christmas after all.

As for writing? Well, I'll work on that this weekend, too. Saturday morning is MCRW's annual Christmas Party & Book Swap. I can't wait!! I love this group & "book swap" is a mild term for the "give me that book or I'll pour punch in your lap & smear frosting on your head" dirty Santa game we play every year. It's all in good fun & we always leave with a good book & an even better memory.

I love this time of year!!

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