April 14, 2011


Finally back at work today after being sick with strep throat all week. Let me just say "NO FUN!!!" My throat was on fire all day Monday & I had a temp of 101 - at work. It hurt to breath let alone talk, which is not a good thing since my job consists of answering phones and selling advertising. That requires both breathing & talking.

So, after work, I stopped at the walk-in clinic b/c I knew something was wrong. I never feel like that. And sure enough, strep. I hightailed myself home, crawled in bed (away from the grandbabies b/c that would have been a disaster) and stayed there until yesterday afternoon. I'm on antibiotics & ibuprofen and am feeling much better today although I wish I could have taken another day off.

At least it didn't happen this weekend to make me miss my writer's group or the Southern Women's Show. I would have been seriously bummed.

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