September 20, 2010

Should I or Shouldn't I?

Ok. Here's the deal. My local RWA chapter is looking for a new editor for our monthly newsletter. For me, this would be a big deal. I don't normally put myself out there like this, but I'm thinking I might like to give it a try. It will give me experience I may be able to use later on and it will break me out of my shell a bit more.

It seems like a pretty simple process and the current editor has all the files and information I would need to pick up where she leaves off. I know I can handle it and I know once I decided to do it I would give it my all. But none of that is what's keeping me from volunteering.

The reason I'm waffling on the whole idea is that I'm terrified that I will screw it up. Even though, deep down, I know I can do it, there's always that little voice inside that says, "You're gonna suck and everyone's gonna know it."

So, I've emailed the current editor to get her feedback. And I'm posting here to get it off my chest and put it in writing. If I put it in writing it becomes a little more real and that voice quiets down to a whisper. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

Anyone else go through this "should I, shouldn't I" thing?

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